March 5, 2007 1:55pm CST
Everyone makes some mistakes in his/her life. Some mistakes are small like putting your shirt on backwards, but sometimes you're making a mistake with big further consequences. What is your biggest mistake in your life?
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5 Mar 07
This may sound awful to admit but my biggest mistake was bowing to family pressure and marrying my ex-husband. We had been going out together for quite some time and my family began to put pressure on me to marry. His family also wanted him to marry, and I caved in and we married. I can honestly say that it was a big mistake, we had a lot of problems communicating once we were married as he had quite old-fashioned ideas while I wanted to remain as a partnership. We split up quite amicably but even he admits it was a big mistake
• Netherlands
6 Mar 07
aah that really sucks, but I am sure you will never make that mistake again. But why wanted your family you to marry him? It was your ex-husband so they should know that it could end up in another divorce.