omnipotent and omniscient

March 5, 2007 2:00pm CST
“God...omnipotent and omniscient... has all knowledge and knows exactly what we will do.” But how can that be?
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@bondplok (139)
• Italy
5 Mar 07
well..that's not true ...god is omnipotent..because he knows everything of everyone but he doesn't know what we will do, i think. well i think he knows basic ninformation as when will we die...who will we marry, if we will have children...he doesn't know when we will do something wrong..or else living would just be a waste of time....if he already know what will we do wrong...that doesn't have any sense!!! so yes he is omnipotent and a bit omniscient... anyway it depends on what you believe in!!!
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• United States
17 Aug 07
How can God be "all-knowing"..... just a little bit? It's like being a little bit female, lol. You either are or you're not. He is omniscient, but he also gave us free will. So he knows everything, but we choose. It's like watching a movie; he's not bound by the constraints of time, so he can see past, present and future. Much like a seer, it's just like stepping back and watching events play out. He also knows every alternate ending there is and which ones you will take. I had a hard time wrapping my mind around that until I remembered that I'm just the created, so of course the creator's capacity for memory and knowledge is going to be immensely greater. Blessed Be