How does everyone feel about the war?

United States
March 5, 2007 6:25pm CST
Everyones opinions on the war in Iraq.
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@correia (181)
• Portugal
6 Mar 07
to me war on iraq was just a waste of time,why iraq?Iraq was only misery,because of the oil?It must be it,or maybe bush is out of his mind,i think i take the second guess.
@sahira (1071)
• Philippines
6 Mar 07
It is sick!!!it is not only wasting of money and labour,but the killing of people there,wether innocents or not!Bush shoul stop this,he must mind his own buiseness,his own country than others...someday he would be into bad karma!
@maumbi (2571)
• Indonesia
6 Mar 07
its hard to say which one the predator, both country USA and IRAQ have their own BAD ACTION to kill human, UAS with their own style love to invite another country and IRAQ with their own dictator kill their own people with biologic weapon thousand sunny people woman and child die with this action...good job from sadam husein, but not all USA or IRAQ people is evil;) this is only their goverment policy and politic strategic. many people at USA hate this war and many people at IRAQ too hate this war, so this only a drama from 2 very nice country.....both love to kill perhaps their get married so peace will come!!!
• Malaysia
6 Mar 07
it is cruel things done by Bush. waste of time, money, fuel, life, trust, anything. but some people still say "Bush is a good president". It's okey.. But try do some research, don't just protect something that wrong is true. It is totally cruel for iraq. only that i can say.