Surviving ALoNe!!!

March 5, 2007 6:25pm CST
Being the youngest in the family,pampered and all,it took me by surprise to have survived life alone..After my grandma who raised us - me and my two older sisters,passed away, i was left alone int he house. My eledest sister works in Manila and the second one has a family already. I work with the government in our province and with all my healthy frailty, it's amazing i still survive being alone! I am able to manage my budget, maintaing a house with all its utility bills, plus my maintenance drugs, and the likes. I have to wash and iron my own clothes, cook my food,wash the dishes..ooh! but it did make me a little uninterested to foods..i would rather sleep starved than cook a little and then keep the dishes, while some of the foods are spoiled..'coz, i couldnt eat much..appetite is too low for a single person eating alone... but still, i's been five years..i hope to survive more years, despite the suspected colon cancer in me.
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