Why are men so darn confusing????

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March 5, 2007 11:48pm CST
I've been going out with this guy for about a month now. Two dates ago at the beginning he told me he wanted to be able to go to the singles dances and to have the option to date other women. I told him I didn't want to be intimate with someone that was going to see other women. He also told me that I could see other men. Since then he has spent the night with me and then yesterday we ended up taking a nap at my place. I don't want to push the subject of exclusive dating...Although that is what I deep down truely want. I gave him a card that in a nutshell said I know we are new to this relationship, we've both been hurt, neither of us want to hurt the other but I want to give us a try. Should I assume he still wants to see other women? Should I go out with other men??? I have a couple that want to go out with me and I have put them off; but not completely since I don't know what this other guy wants. Last night at dinner he showed me that he was looking into massage therapy school and wanted my opinion and then showed me his cell phone to show that there are no other woman's names/numbers in it.... I am just so confused! What should I do???? Should I go ahead and go out with another guy? Should I wait? HELP!!
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@sherrir101 (3670)
• Malinta, Ohio
7 Mar 07
I'd ask him. You might bump around to the question, but ask him. Hanging in limbo is no good and staying with someone with different goals is also no good, either. ...my opinion
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8 Mar 07
Boy, leave it to my older cousins to come up with good advice!! I talked to a mutual friend and he suggested I let this guy know that I am going to go out with a couple of people; but I would rather be just with him. I'm not going to just give up; but I am also not going to sit around and wait. I'll prob. talk to him tomorrow and we shall see what he has to say. Maybe he doesn't have the same things in mind for a relationship as I do....Maybe we are both too shy and protective of ourselves to let go and give in to the feelings. Lots of maybes! Thanks for the advice Sherri and Jodi, I'm taking all of it to heart!
• United States
11 Mar 07
You could have left the descriptive word "older" out alltogether. It still makes sense without it!:)
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7 Mar 07
Can you come right out and ask him if he still intends on seeing other women? Just to get clarification? Or maybe just check him and go out with the others, they may be better suited to what you are looking for in a man. In this day and age, I doubt that I would assume anything. You could just go out with this guy for the fun and companionship without getting emotionally involved.