Did you buy a PC or upgrade it to play games?

@Iqram538 (194)
Sri Lanka
March 6, 2007 12:06am CST
Have you ever done this? Well honestly I bought my first PC because I was interested in games! Later I upgraded my pc because some mew games didn't function in it! I was simply mad, a real games freak, let me know if you're one too..
4 responses
• Romania
6 Mar 07
i upgrade it... i cand alow to buy a sistem every 2 month ...
@Iqram538 (194)
• Sri Lanka
13 Mar 07
Thats great! You are a real games freak,cool...I like it that way but why do you buy one every 2 months, you are over doing it!
@ahade1 (98)
• Malaysia
7 Mar 07
I dont know how to say but from the start i never buy a full set of pc but instead part by part.. i uprgrade the pc is because of games since because of games that makes pc advance. so i upgrade them according to the game.. last one i upgrade to a better graphic card..
@Asylum (48067)
• Manchester, England
6 Mar 07
Games are probably the one thing that I do not use my computer for. I get involved in everything from video editing to office applications, but games do not attract me at all. If I wished to play games then I would be more likely to but a playstation or Xbox than use a computer.
@JvilleKid (131)
• United States
6 Mar 07
I haven't really bought a system just to play games. I have upgraded a video card though so I could play NASCAR 2006. But that is as wild as I get.