What would you do if a person, for whom you are crazy for ?????

March 6, 2007 12:13am CST
Yesterday I saw a person whom I am a fan of his, he is an film artist, he is not so nationaly known but the people of our state knows him, i didnot had so much of guts to go to him and talk to him may be afraid of being discurded by him. So I quickely went inside my room and took some photo with my cam. I would like to know what would you do????
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@Nagareru (308)
• Peru
6 Mar 07
if i have the oportunity to be close to the person im thinking of, i mean she is famous, world wide known, well specailly on the asia. Well i know at the begining i will just be petrified for about 10 minutes or less, but i can asure you that i will not dismiss that oportunity and do somehing. I am still thinking what i will do in that situation, maybe something crazy and she will take me as a dumm. Well we all have fear to get a bad impression of him or her, but if you dont try it, maybe it will be the only and last chance you will have, so dont miss it and do anything even how bad the situation is. i will do it and i will give my best shot ;) lol