@tiaramas (207)
March 6, 2007 5:18am CST
Anybody know how to download The Simpsons: Arcade game so that it runs for free?
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• United States
11 Mar 07 and then go to The problem is with running any software that you don't have the original ROM's for. In my opinion, though it is in no way a legal stance, if you aim to buy the original arcade board but don't know if you like a game, you should be able to download the ROM's for evaluation. That doesn't mean to keep them and stick them in an arcade cab and sell them though. The software is free, the ROM's are point is that how else are you going to know whether to make the investment in a machine or it's hardware, if you've never seen it or didn't play it in the arcades years ago ! Common sense says to not rip off all the efforts of the MAME team and others, by just downloading their work and throwing it together in a cab. The whole scene would die by being ripped off. Another point of view is that The Simpsons game is best played stood up and in front of an arcade cabinet and with proper controls...that's the experience for real.
• Norway
25 Mar 07
ROMS are used to play games from your computer. MAME is a emulator to play arcade games. MAME is legal. ROMS are illegal unless you own the game also, and you have ROM for backup. ROMS are also legal if used just to try out a game. But of course no one does this. Be careful, ROMS can contain viruses.