i want your response on this matter

March 6, 2007 5:40am CST
india is sports oriented country. what could be done to inspire people to make sports a part of their life. it is very necessary since in india people dont take sports seriously. but it is very necessary if a country want to grow then sports has to play a big part. without making sports people cant grow physically and mentally that well. the main thing which comes sports is team spirit and never say die attitude. Please comment thanks your friend sandy
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• United Arab Emirates
6 Mar 07
Sandy, India is very sports oriented, unfortunately, everyone wants to get into cricket because that is where the money is. Tennis is starting to get attention only now. India used to be very good at hockey and soccer, but unfortunately due to lack of sponsorship, it has failed. As far as taking it seriously is concerned, I think they need to ease up a little, and not take it personally every time their favourite team or sports person does not do well. They tend to get very emotional and violent at such times and that is very bad.