How Important is Religion?

Sri Lanka
March 6, 2007 7:43am CST
How important do you think religion is for man s survival?? I think religion teaches u what is right and what is wrong, It does not matter what religion it is, they all teach you moral values. If man does not follow any religon he cannot be differentiated from animals, animals live where they want, eat what they want and mate with whomever they want, and a man who does not follow a religion also becomes quite similar to an animal.. Wat do u think??
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@shay3434 (881)
• Israel
6 Mar 07
I'm jewish, and my religion is very very important for me! Thanks to our Jewish religion, the Jewish people stayed united all the years and has finally achieved their country. The Jewiush people were exiled from Israel many years ago and they were seperated in many different countries. The only thing that kept them together was the religion, the prayers to Jreusalem... Withou their religion and their believe- the Jewish people wouldn't survive and I think that this is very imprtant to know that.
• Sri Lanka
6 Mar 07
I have to agree with you on that, the jewish have faced alot, and they have stood strong
@taikon (23)
• India
7 Mar 07
For most of the people religion is a very important thing in their life. Religion shows them how to live, how to behave , how one should mould their behaviour, they teach how to live modestly in a society. For common people they cant spend much time on studying, or researching about idealogy and then determine what is good and what is wrong. So for them it is much easier to follow one good accepted ideology.
• Thailand
6 Mar 07
You take a rather sad view of man. Morality has nothing to do with religion. Morality is a set of values that govern how we deal with each other Those values must come from within. If you live your life by a set of rules set down at the whim of a supposed supernatural power you never look within your self for the reasons you should behave in a compassionate way towards your fellow man. Man is by his basic nature good and does not need a god to tell him how to act.