Disrespectful children

March 6, 2007 9:51am CST
I posted earlier about rude people and it got me thinking about my four year olds friends. I had invited a couple of his school friends over after school and when they arrived there was no hello or anything, they just ran upstairs to his bedroom, my son seemed a little in shock to be honest as they virtually ransacked his room. I called them down for juice and biscuits, no thank you's or please or anything, when I gave them some carrot and cucumber sticks they said these are rubbish. Obviously I said they are certainly not, but then they started back chatting me. I have not invited them over since and to be honest I don't really want my son hanging around with these kids at school, but what can I do? My son went round to one of their houses for a birthday party and all the family of this boys said how polite my son was and that they had never seen a child take their plate out to the kitchen to be washed up. I was shocked, I thought good manners is the first thing you teach your child. These kid's are not the only rude ones in the school and it seems my boy is drawn to them for some reason. So how do I get him to play with the polite ones or is it out of my hands at school or should I focus on out of school activities where I can see his interaction with other kids? I don't want to be an interfering mother.
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@BrettG (50)
• United States
6 Mar 07
I know its not the best approach, but sit down with your child and tell him directly. He may not understand, but try and convince him otherwise. I know children these days don't have the proper parenting as I (or we) did in the past. Parents now-a-days don't punish their children enough (I don't mean spanking), and they let them do whatever they want. But as you've experienced, it isn't just the parents who have to deal with their childrens bad behavior...EVERYone does, and you have seen it firsthand. If I was in your position, I would have said something to there parents, even they it most likely would have offended them. If all children are like that, then what kind of future do we have ahead of us??
7 Mar 07
I suppose if I was brave enough i would of said something, however I dislike conflict and there would of been if I had said something. Its a shame but a lot of the children near me are very much like that, luckily there is also a few who are well mannered and caring.
6 Mar 07
I find it difficult when my daughter has friends over. I expect them to be as polite as she is but that isn't the case. At the moment I'm looking after a couple of boys for a friend and the 5 year old won't help me tidy up or anything, and my 2 year old is more polite and helpful than him. He isn't rude or nasty just doesn't seem to know the word please.
7 Mar 07
I suppose we all have our own standards of good manners, its a shame that a lot do not feel its necessary to teach the word please.
• China
5 Apr 07
good manners are so important in today's society.a little effort towards being polite to everyone you meet can have great rewards.of course,there are other reasons for being polite as well. everyone should be polite.polite people show good manners.moreover,they are popular.on the other hand,the rude people are looked down upon.rudeness shows poor education.therefor,why not be polite?a simple "please","thank you",or "you are welcome" can make a big difference. if someone says dirty words all the time,it shows that something is wrong with his mouth.you'd better persuade him to watch his mouth.