My PTR Site pre-review

March 6, 2007 10:49am CST
First I must say that I didn't got paid from any of my sites BUT that's because I didn't reach the Payout until now or have spend the money for Advertising. Now the list of the sites: 1. NocturnalEmail - the old version of this site was stolen from some hackers and has been infected with malware but because the owner wasn't able to get the site back he set a new version up under a new . extension. Earnings since registering: $0,9506 in 18 days Payout: $3 2. E-Qoo - a new PTR site that has cheap ad's compared to sites like DonkeyMails and a nice PTC Contest. Many PTC Ads and good amount of mails per day. The best thing at E-Qoo is that you can buy referals under you from your points. Earnings since registering: $0,4583 and around 700 points with $0,14 spent for ad's in 8 days Payout: $3 3. My-PTR - a nice PTR site that has a really nice support, if there's anything you want to know about or have a problem with something you can contact them and get a nice support. I got a nice one a few days ago because I had a paid to signup ad and 2 singups but only one referal and now i have 4 signups left again. The ad's are cheap too but sadly the site is until now not approved by most sites so the PTP Ads are way useless for ones with 'Approved Sites' requirement. Earnings since registering: $0,2046 and around 33 points but it would be more if I wouldn't have spend everything I earned until now for Ads. I think I would be around $1. Made in 18 days Payout: $5 4. PenniesByEmail - a site I can't say much about until now, it varies with the mails per day but the aren't worthless like the ones from CashOutMails. Earnings since registering: $0,3165 with -$0,25 because a 1000 click PTP Ad made in 16 days. Payout: $5 5. RNS-Topfuel - a site that looks like you could make good money with it, if it wouldn't vary that much with mails per day. And I think it doesn't like Users from Germany because others told me they get much more mails per day I think than I but it looks like a good one atleast. Earnings since registering: $0,5060 in 19 days. Payout: $8 with automatic payout Top Scam Site: I registered around a week ago but I didn't even made $0,02 so I don't think this site is serious. Other not-so-good ones: and I don't get much mails from these ones and didn't even got over $0,20 on and over $0,07 on The only reason why I stay at is because I want to win the $25 contest. is another suspicious one because every email is worth about $100 - $200 and I got $5000 for signing up... The catch is that you have a payout limit from $100.000 if you're a free member, if you buy an upgrade you can reduce is to $40.000 for $100, $20.000 for $200 and $1000 for $400 for a lifetime membership. I don't think that they'll pay but I'll just need 926 more mails to reach the $100.000 and then I can tell you. If you're interested in one of these sites please feel free to check them out but please, use my refereal link in my profile. When I'll finally get paid by one of these sites I'll tell you. PS: My girlfriend is on three other PTR sites that are looking good also: cathousemails, tesasteamails and fairytaleptr (she already has nearly $1,5 and that in a few days) The Referal links for these sites are like the others in my profile so please have a look and start earning.
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6 Mar 07
Is it gainmail or gainpay that you're talking about? Because I've been doing pretty well with and I always get a ton of emails from them every day..