What The Hell!

@Zo0mZo0m (1357)
United States
March 6, 2007 12:31pm CST
What's WRONG with a person who constantly allow themselves to be ABUSED by their "so-called" friends and relatives. This person is an adult woman who is being abused verbally by people who she think have her best interest at hand. I believe she blind and cannot see the truth if it hit hear in the head. She wants so badly to be accepted by people who do not accept her. She'll NEVER fit into their criteria. She reminds me of a neglected child. What's wrong with this pictures?
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@crosa125 (1484)
6 Mar 07
is not just women they are like that love let me tell you this, friend of mineafter finshing work he asked me let's go to my house tonghit and have a chat in there,well i thought,i was with him all day if he wanted a chat he could have one,anyway we went to his house and here is what i heard,HONEY I'm HOME!!!!!!!!!? Hey, THANKS for cleaning the house and taking care of the kids all day!(she didn't and she doesn't do that much, just watchs tv all day along) WHAT'S FOR DINNER? nothing go sleep
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@Zo0mZo0m (1357)
• United States
6 Mar 07
Lazy woman.