War in Iraq

United States
March 6, 2007 1:25pm CST
I have a friend who both of her brothers are in Iraq. Her sister was found dead in the mountains about 6 months ago. They came home long enough for the funeral and then went back out on the front lines. I think that our men need to come home and we need to work on keeping our country safe and secure. Iraq needs to fight there own battles, I haven't watched much news lately but every time I do it seems that we are taking the load and they are on the sidelines aiding the ones we are suppose to be protecting them from. OUR MEN ARE BEING KILLED FOR THAT!!!! What is really going on here. Has any Iraqis come forward in a large enough number to let the Americans know they want our help or is it just a few here and there? I welcome any input that may clear this up for me.
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