Country music song lyrics I heard the song a couple of times on the radio

@nowment (1758)
United States
March 6, 2007 4:02pm CST
a few weeks ago, and now I can't remember who sang it or what the title is, but I am looking for that stong, The lyrics are something like this Why do I have to hurt you before I tell you I love you, OR Why do I have to make you cry before I say I'm sorry Or Why do I have to make you cry before I say I love you OR Why does it take your leaving before I say I love you Or Why Does it take your leaving before I say I am sorry Or Why does it take your saying goodbye before I .... Any one know the song? It was aired during December and January of this year that I heard on the radio and then I heard it again in Feb. I can't find where I wrote the title and singer down, and now I can't find the song. Any one know it? Country music male singer.
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@Bd200789 (2994)
• United States
21 Mar 07
Jason Aldean sings it. I love the song. It's so hard for me to find other people who like country music too.
@nowment (1758)
• United States
22 Mar 07
I recently discovered a station that for some reason only comes in on car radio, not in the house, that I can get on the computer, but I grew up listening to country music, oddly enough my father from the south listend to classical and my mother from the north listend to country. There are so many great songs, story songs, sexy songs, fun songs, funny songs, from country music, you can usually find a song to match something going on in your life, you can hear the words and understand them even sing along to them which you can't do with screaming noise aka music, that is just to loud and to fast. I like a good fast beat, I like something I can move to but I also want to listen to someone sing, not screaming, or whining instruments, play an instrument, don't make electronic whines with it. It is hard to find others who enjoy country music as I do, I learned that I can enjoy it, and let others do there thing, but the fact there is so much obvious talent withing the country music genre, is shown clearly when performers from other genres mention being fans of some of the greats, or when someone like Kid Rock teams up with Hank Williams Jr. I remember when you could get something on tv with country music, besides the newest or current most popular out there they would have the old timers on, there was a respect for the music that came before, that you don't find often.