Individualism, Education, and School or hinder?

United States
March 6, 2007 6:27pm CST
Today in my Japanese culture class we spoke about school uniforms. In Japan they have to wear school uniforms. In addition to this, every student learns the same thing. The government sends out textbooks and a curriculum in which everyone has to go by, such as every single 6th grader learns the SAME thing at basically the same time no matter where they go. This would help let's say if a child was to move schools. If he / she was to move schools he would still be learning the same thing where ever he went. Now, in the United States though there are standardized tests a lot of different things are taught. Schools have various elective classes you can choose from too like Welding, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Drawing/Painting, ect. However in Japan my professor says they do not have electives. A student can participate in Music and Sports after school though. Looking back at my education of K - 12, I feel like my teachers were actually really good. However I feel like the uniforms would've been a nice thing. There were so many kids that had a hard time with anything just because they're parents couldn't afford the cute school clothes. Think about those nights or morning where before school you thought about what to wear! With uniforms you wouldn't have to worry about it. Now I definitely would not want to wear little skirts with a pulled up stocking, but a pretty basic uniform would've been nice. I don't think I would've minded a nice jacket and slacks. I think it would've helped every student feel equal from each other. One student wouldn't label themself as a failure just because of their clothing. The question arised as, "If everything is uniformed and done equally across the border, does that take away a sense of becoming an individual. Does that help a society or not?" What are all your views on this? Did you wear uniforms growing up? Would you want to? My vote is, I think it would've been a good thing in my school. What do you think about every student learning the same thing no matter where they go?
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