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March 6, 2007 6:59pm CST
i know this site from the forum, they give us bonus direct to uor e-gold account from $0.01-$0.02. you don't have to sign up, just take the bonuses. check this out and post here what you think about this site. thanks
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@kerbausama (1335)
• Malaysia
7 Mar 07
Money also serves as a standard of value for measuring the relative worth of different goods and services. Some authors explicitly require money to be a standard of deferred payment, too [1]. In common usage, money refers more specifically to currency, particularly the many circulating currencies with legal tender status conferred by a national state; deposit accounts denominated in such currencies are also considered part of the money supply, although these characteristics are historically comparatively recent. Money may also serve as a means of rationing access to scarce resources and as a quantitative measure that provides a common standard for the comparison and valuation of quality as well as quantity, such as in the valuation of real estate or artistic works.
• Indonesia
9 Mar 07
what was that??? we're not talking about 'what is money'!
• United States
7 Mar 07
That's very interesting. I'll look at it..I dont have a gold account though
• Indonesia
7 Mar 07
if you want to create new account on e-gold just enter the site, on i forgot what have to do, but just follow the instruction and you're done. have fun.
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
I've had a problem with robo-gold before, so I thought it was a scam site. But just today, I got a $.01 bonus from it!