have you had a snake around your house before?

March 6, 2007 7:03pm CST
my parents had a snake at there house but they didnt know it was hanging around, but my mum chooks never had any eggs in the yard and mum thought that was really weird, anyways my birds are at my parents place on the verandah as i have a cat and he will try and eat them, and my dad heard late at night the birds making funny noises and he thought that was weird since they always sleep at this time of night til dawn, so he went out there and here is this snake in there eatting my boy budgie, it got in the cage to get him, so it spat it out because it couldnt get out of the cage then tried eatting again when outside the cage, so we had to get rid of the snake so it didnt keep coming back, now my girl bird is so lonely so i decided to give her away to my sister inlaw, but now the chooks have 9 eggs a day in the yard. so now we know who was taking them have you had a snake around your house before or even in your house?
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@yana0806 (565)
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
Oh its was yesterday, about 6 in the morning, when my mother went to the bathroom she saw snake! We're so nervous about it, my brothers killed the snake! The snake is long yet its body is thin, it seems it's a new born snake!
• Australia
7 Mar 07
oh my, well no way i let it live if it was in the house or anywhere close to the house, as my neice is here heaps and i be scared it would come and bite her.
@maiahmae (69)
• United States
7 Mar 07
haha we had our pet snake around the house. Hermies got out of his cage a few times and ended up in the closet once (3 days later) and who knows the second time-he was found 4 months later in the middle of the living room but a skin was found in the basement behind some boxes. as for snakes around the house most are pretty harmless. shame about the eggs though. and due to the eggs, you know approximately its size. if they eat the eggs but not the birds its probably a younging or your usual variety garden snake.