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March 6, 2007 9:31pm CST
i have a weird question here. imagine you are in your 60's. (i know a person like this). you have always earned 6 figure salaries when employed but always got laid off frequently. But now that person has diabetes, has so energy...isn't getting jobs. he has no savings either...he is retiring this year!is it right for him to depend on his daughters for money!?? and to support him..? they don't have jobs either!!! they themselves are struggling with their finance!! if his daughter don't support him what will he do? does anybody have same situation? what would you guys suggest from a humanitarian/ realistic point of view ? what would suggest for that man?what option that he have?
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7 Mar 07
The first thing I would suggest would be to see if he is eligible for any program assistance. Things such as food stamps, heat, and medicaid if needed. Depending on his daughters situations, I do believe they should help if they can and if he helped them when he could. There are little things that he can do to make/save money as well. Things such as online programs, cutting coupons, and cutting anything extra such as cable or magazine subscriptions. From your point of view, help if you can by bringing a casserole that will last a few days or offering to bring books from the library to entertain him. Just some thoughts...