live like there's no tomorrow

March 7, 2007 12:51am CST
going through days without sleep has made me rethink my purpose in this world. have i been conceived so i could work today and pay bills tomorrow? am i just here to earn money and spend it? is life worth more than just putting food on the table the next day and having enough money to spend on fast Internet connection, gas, my future, my children's future, and my children's chidlren's future? is this what this is all about? i envy the likes of my friend Ms Forlani who travels the world to enjoy life. she's not a princess who can afford not to work her entire life but she manages to do the things that she loves most because she saved enough guts to live in a foreign country. after graduation she packed a backpack and went to china to teach english and would save enough money to travel on weekends to nearby towns. i remember her telling me that her goal in life is to live in a different country every two years until she dies. she said that if she's lucky, she will be able to immerse herself in 30 different cultures in this lifetime and meet a million strangers who will eventually become her friends. she has so far stuck to her goals. after two years in China she is now in Japan serving her first year there. i wonder where she's off to next, perhaps, Prague? and what have i done with my years after college? work at a huge multinational outsourcing company for the first two years having workaholic, earning-6-digit-per-month managers as my role model? is this what i really want? i know for a fact that this is not me. i do not want to spend 3/4 of my day in front of my monitor and chatting business on the phone. i want to slow down and to be able to cook my own food, i want to sleep in the castles of the Scandinavian countries, eat with the Monks in Tibet, walk barefoot in the deserts of Egypt, drink grappas until dawn in a province in Italy, sing lullabyes to African children, dance with strangers, eat dessert without guilt, see Earth from outer space. when's the best time to start but now? all these things. they will come to me. i have a plan. and it's starting to take shape. root for me. and i hope to meet you in one of my adventures. to my future self, here's to us and our dreams!
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