My job making me depressed!

@subha12 (18449)
March 7, 2007 2:46am CST
I am a software engineer by profession. I work at a MNC. As its very common in SW industry to get onsite opportunity, I also expected that. But after working in tremendous flow I'm yet to get thst opportunity. I have total of 2.9 yearsof exp. now this is making me very depressed. I think only due to my bad luck i'm not getting this. I joined this company last may. What should I do you think? Thanks in advance for your advices.
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• Philippines
7 Mar 07
We can't stay in a job that we don't like. That is the hindrance of our success. You go find another job that you love. But before resigning try to examine what cause you to become bored or tired or depressed with your work. And weight the consequences of your decision.
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• United States
7 Mar 07
I'm not even going to reply to this discussion because your reply is perfect! I would give you best response if I could lol.
• Canada
7 Mar 07
Hi, I am having problems too at my job. I post a similar post saying, just like you thatI am depress and all that. My post was: "How to deal with a stupid boss???". It's really release me. Well, my problem was that I did all the work with a software, the software wasn't working right, and I had to redone the work with another software... As a software engineer, could you tell me why a specific software cannot work properly? I had all kind of blog and software was running really slow... Anyway, I decide not to care about my career since my life at work so suck. I decide to continue and do the job, that sit thats all. I try to have a talk with my boss but he doesn't seem to want me to go. To go, I need to write a letter, he told me, but that way, I won't be able to get any unemployment benefit at all (that's what I belive, so I won't write the letter)... I don't know who it is in India, it's propably the same thing everywhere in the world, but here in Canada, the work place is hard. Don't give up your job, your still young, one step at a time and one day, you will see, once you get more experience, you will benefit more stuff from your job. Less then 5 years of experience is really nothing on the work place. So just keep going on and try to have other interest in life that just your job... try My Lot :) bye bye
7 Mar 07
Like you, I feel that I have been passed by for jobs in the past and it can be soul destroying. To be honest the best thing is to take a step back and take a long hard look at where you want to be say two years down the line.
• China
7 Mar 07
At school is nice.Have a job is happy^^
@aliasad (1567)
• Pakistan
7 Mar 07
Be persistent & persvere, do the work with zeal & honestly for the organization you affiliate with. Keep your knowledge upto date. I do have a support desk job and its my 7th year to be here. I have had the same depression but well.. the annual rise and promotions made me to stay over here. Really the employees are best asset for a progressing organization. Thanks for sharing