family planning.....

March 7, 2007 4:44am CST
what is the best family planning..... codoms, injectables, or pills
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@777330975 (332)
• Sri Lanka
7 Mar 07
IUCD is the 99% guaranteed Family Planning method. It doesnt have any side effects
@sidoney (1033)
• Jamaica
8 Mar 07
I tried taking the pills once it was horrible I was sick every day stopped taking them after a while I am planning on getting the CopperT now that I had my child it is said to hold up to ten yrs and has little to no side effects and you can stop at anytime you are ready to have a child but you really need to speak to a nurse or doctor who can say which is best for your body
@yukyrob (167)
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
its up to you where you are comfortable to used. h have you already try anyone of these..? you know its very hard to get pregnant and to take care our babies so we really need to go through family planning. me i've been using pills for three years, if uyou choose to use pills you have a responsible to take it everyday, it's very simple just take it when after eating your meal so you will always remember and you can't forget to take it. In every contraceptives you used theres an equal responsibility, you have to remember that always or else you will get pregnant. have you try to consult to your ob-gyne, its better for you to consult the doctor first before using anything. So it will be safe for you and you will also learn a lot from doctor advise.