Can't Have a Baby

March 7, 2007 7:59am CST
2 years ago one of my college friend decided to marry his 4 years Boyfriend. The Problem is, they dont know the reason why she can't get pregnant. They have done a lot of things and followed all the advices from close friends and even go to the doctor and still they can't have a chance to have a baby. what do you think the reason is? is there any connection to position? or is it their hormones or their cells? please help..
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• United States
11 Mar 07
My sister has the same problem (although she's been married for 10 years). My sister's has to do with how much weight she lost when she was in college & succession of her menstrual cylce. Has your friend lost a huge amount of weight or gained? Is her menstrual cycle irregular? The Dr.'s told my sister the same thing, there isn't anything visible as to why she can't have kids.. so. I would just tell your friend to monitor her cycles, get the Ovulation predictor kids & see if she ovulates (some women don't ovulate)or has her husband been checked? I know that it isn't always the woman so if he get's checked that might help out to and elminate wether it is her or not. Have they been to a fertility specialist. I have some other friends that can't have a baby either & no reason why.. they went to a fertility specialist and found out the reason why, (can't remember for the life of me right now) what it was-- I think it had to do with too many cysts in the ovaries or something.Def. tell your friend to NOT give up and to keep trying. I know 2 couples who have been married for 5-7 plus years and they were told they couldn't have children so each couple adopted 2 children through out the years and one of the couples last year had a healthy baby boy & the other couple is 6 months preg. right now :) So, miracles do happen!Hopefully this helps!
• Philippines
12 Mar 07
yeah might be. her husband had a motorcycle accident before but when they ask for a check up the doctor said that he's fine. my friend had a UTI before.. has it something to do why she can't have a baby?
@farukh445 (206)
• India
9 Mar 07
I would definitely tell to go to a good doctor who really looks into this matter. I think there is no probelm at all. It would be minor problem. An eating habit would stop the fertilized egg to grow. So better see a doctor and get treated. Best of LUCK.
@maudlin (125)
• India
7 Mar 07
The best solution is to consult a doctor. I think that its because of the weekness of the sperm of the male or the egg of the female. Please consult a doctor before it becomes too late.
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
I'm not a doctor but have a little knowledge about it. You said inspite of they're doing everything, still not successful. Maybe one of them really can't able to make a baby. But tell them not to stop trying. I know a couple who had been married for 14 years till they had a baby. And another couple who lived in the States been married for 15 years... fed up of waiting... till they decided to undergone test tube baby and it's amazing because they had a twin from that process and even more a miracle, after that test tube baby... they had another child from a normal one. Yehey!!! God is good.