Husband versus Daugther

March 7, 2007 8:12am CST
My husband loves my daugther very much. They play together, they study together and my problems is they fight and quarrel each other. But i know that they enjoy each others company. When my husband is at work my daugther always tells me that she misses her daddy very much. But when her daddy is their after a little while they will fight and quarrel. HOw about you? DO you have same pictures in your family as mine.
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@JuliaPan (564)
• Canada
7 Mar 07
You know it happens in many families I think, not only between relatives, but also between friends and husbands and wives. E.g., my brother and I love and always support each other. He lives far away from us, and since the year 2004 we've seen each other only one time. We speak over Skype each week and we also exchange e-mails. But when we used to be little ones - it was something awful! We used to fight and quarrel all the day round. Now, when we grew older I think it's better for us to live not together under one roof, as we can start "fighting" again. My good friend once told me that probably we've got different energies which are non-compatible with each other. I think in your situation it's better to think of good ways of making peace between your husband and daughter.
• Ireland
9 Mar 07
I can relate to this, as soon as myself and my oldest brother moved out we automatically got on better with each other and with our mother. But if we even go back home for a few days, we all seem to get on each other's nerves quite quickly. It's strange but we can't seem to help ourselves. When we all lived together we used to fight all the time, moving out was the best thing we ever did. Our youngest brother we kind of play fought with him, like we would end up teasing him and he would take it seriously and him getting angry with us with make us laugh but we're really close to him at the same time, luckily he always forgave us very quickly. My son idolises my partner, he's a real Daddy's boy but sometimes his Daddy can be inclined to tease him too and annoy our son but they still adore each other. Maybe in some way the teasing type of fighting is a way of showing affection, I dunno. They may even enjoy the arguing :)
@mrsturner (518)
• Canada
9 Mar 07
Maybe your husband and your daughter have very similar personalities. When I lived at home with my parents, my sister and my father were like that. They are both very vocal about what they want, and they both think that their opinion is the right one. They adore each other and to this day talk to each other all the time, but when we were growing up they were always fighting. Mom used to say that she wanted to send them both to their rooms as Dad was as bad as my sister. Things will get, better, but hopefully you won't go crazy before it does. LOL