Christianity and persecution of those against homosexuality in Great Britain

@suspenseful (40312)
March 7, 2007 8:33am CST
I read that the government in Great Britain is going to force Christian schools to teach that homosexuality is okay and that if they say that homosexuality is wrong and teach it, that they are guilty of discrimination. Doesn't a Christian school have to obey God rather than man? Do you think that this law by the British government *and I include Scotland* will lead to ever increasing persecution of Christians? And if they are forced to leave their country, would that be enough to grant them refugee status in American, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
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8 Mar 07
If you say that homosexuality is wrong, then yes, you are guilty of discrimination against homosexuals. Maybe, rather than whining about it, these people should look at their beliefs a little more closely and think about why the society they live in doesn't share them. Then, maybe they should reconsider whether it's really that important to teach children that it's wrong to be gay. Surely there are more important things to worry about, such as whether they can read or do basic arithmetic? Standards of education in the UK are not so high that schools can afford to worry about trivial stuff like this. Kids pick up most of their beliefs from family and friends anyway, rather than teachers. Nobody is being persecuted or forced to leave the country, that's ridiculous. If anyone is persecuting anyone in this situation it's Christians persecuting gay people. I always think it's hilarious how fundamentalists are the first to shout about being discriminated against while having no problem with hating on other people. I don't see gay people going around schools telling kids that Christianity is evil, even if that's what they think. Why can't these so-called Christians show them the same courtesy? This sort of behaviour gives Christianity a bad name, and that's not fair on those genuine Christians who actually follow Jesus's teachings about loving your neighbour, not judging them and not casting the first stone.