Attitude is everything

United States
March 7, 2007 9:56am CST
Attitude is the way you think. Your attitude is something other people can actually see. They can hear it in your voice, see it in the way you move, feel it when they are with you, Your attitude expresses itself in everything you do, all the time, wherever you are. Positive attitudes always invite positive results. Negative attitudes always invite negative results. Attitude makes a difference every hour, every day, in everything that you do for your entire life. What you get out of each thing you do will equal the attitude you have when you do it. Anything you do with a positive attitude will work for you. Anything you do with a negative attitude will work against you. If you have a positive attitude, you are looking for ways to solve the problems that you can solve,and letting go over the things of which you have no control. You can develop a positive attitude by emphasizing the good, by being tough minded, and by refusing defeat.
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• Singapore
7 Mar 07
Quite true. Attitude is something that shines out from the inside. When you have the right attitude, you will be able to transform yourself and the environment (not to mention people) around you. ;-)