do you feel happy now?

@fokke1 (65)
March 7, 2007 12:23pm CST
Eht guys do you feel happy now?I am thinking about this phrase: "If you feel happy..relax it will pass away!"..I think it's true when we are happy always happens something that makes us sad or at least less happy.What dp you think? p.s. Now i'm not happy but not sad..I think it's a good condition!
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• Italy
9 Mar 07
I think to be sad in this period cause I'm a little confused about what i like in this life. Sometimes i think to have some gay friends like matteo and i really don't know how to act with them.
@cerium (691)
7 Mar 07
Well...many people just feel like that when they are happy. I think it's because they know that happiness will not last forever. Another reason is that happiness is the top of your feelings, which means that it can remain the same (temprarily) and then decline (for one reason or another). As for me, I'm not optimistic. I tend to prepare myself for worse case scenarios, so as to be able to cope (at least mentally) with any situation I face. I don't exaggerate my happiness or sadness, as I just try to remain cool and relax.