Democratic People's Republic Korea - "North Korea"

March 7, 2007 3:20pm CST
I always wanted to visit North Korea, to see what's really happening there.It's a world's most secret country, te world know very little of what is happening there, how the people is really living there etc. On one side DPRK is propagating that they are a "Worker's Paradise", "The best country to live on the world", on other side we see mostly American propaganda "EVERYBODY starves there", "Nobody lives well there", "The world's most supressed country", etc. I would like to visit DPRK and see at my own eyes how life is there. The problem is that you can't go there as foreginers can go only as tourist group and tourist groups can't go anywhere outside of hotel, just where their "tourist-guides" are guiding them.So, it's imposible to see a real North Korean Life there... What do YOU think of DPRK ?
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