Lets hear your ways to get rid of pests using natural stuff! Here is what I do.

United States
March 7, 2007 3:24pm CST
Hi, I mix dry yellow cornmeal with some cayenne pepper powder. Dont use any pepper mixed with other ingredients such as salt. Salt will kill your plants. I sprinkle my homemade mixture around the base of the plants. A lot of pests hate the smell. Also I plant some garlic cloves here and there in my garden, and marigolds. Do you have anything natural that works well for you in your garden?
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@Newbie11 (197)
• United States
7 Mar 07
Boil some neem leaves in one litre of water unless the water becomes half litre.Cool it down.Wash the plants with cold neem water.It helps to get rid of pest.Dry neem leaves untill the leaves turn into powder.Mix 2 spoons of such powder with the soil of each plant.Practise this every weak and soon you will get the result.It is a good natural pest control remedy.
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
Indeed, this is a very practical suggestion. I also learned about the use of neem leaves from an Indian friend (see my post below yours). I wonder about the availability of neem plants outside of India or generally outside of South Asia. Is it widely available in the US or in Europe? I live in the Philippines and neem is not a very common plant here. I understand that neem has very practical and indigenous uses.
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
Nice topic. I maintain a small backyard vegetable garden that is very susceptible to pests. I was advised to use cayenne pepper with garlic (both pulverized and then boiled in water) and then sprayed on to the plants / veggies. An Indian friend told me to use boiled Neem leaves if available. He also suggested placing ash on leafy vegetables (lettuce, cabbage). Another option would be the use of the water with detergent in the washing matchine which you used to wash your clothes. You can spray your plants with this although I'm not sure whether it qualifies as a natural stuff.