Zune from Microsoft vs iPod from Apple?

@adibiz (106)
October 16, 2006 7:26am CST
Should I wait for Zune or should I buy ipod?
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@vipul20044 (5798)
• India
26 Oct 06
i'll stick to tell you the pro's of both Zune: -Wi-Fi connection - the MAIN feature, you can send images, songs, videos, and other stuff on your zune to other zune people. You might also be able to purchase songs directly from Zune in the near future -Nice price tag: $149 - that's exactly almost the same cost as the 30 GM video ipod. -Cool UI - slick UI, kind of like Windows Media Center, but with smaller, and with a background -Zune Marketplace - the place that sells Zune tunes, videos, and other stuff. I have a nice pic of it. -Easy interface - not to confusing and works -Viewing - you can view in either landscape mode (horizontal) or portrait mode (vertical). makes it great to view videos in horizontal mode. -EZ connectivity - you can connect to your PC, Xbox 360, and MSN Soapbox, which is really nice. (not connect to macs, sorry) -built in FM Tuner - listen to the radio with this sweet thing -bigger screen - no need to explain that! -nice subscription service - $14.99 for a month, called Zune Pass -more bang for it's buck than the same priced ipod - depends on how much you think the buck is. iPod -has a very nice clean look to it -has many accessories already made for it -has had experience for more years -also has a nice UI -EZ scrolling wheel -one of the most popular on the market -comes in a few more colors -has many different versions to choose from That's about it. I would suggest buying a Zune, because it really does seem more better and new than ipods, at least from a standing distance. and it does have big potential to be the next big things, so you could be one of the trend setters, or you could have it as a cool souvenir if it doesn't quite make it. but nontheless, buying a zune seems like the better option