The new iGeneration

@raykaz (27)
United States
March 7, 2007 7:05pm CST
Today, we are becoming more and more "plugged in" to the world around us. Honestly, I would not be surprised if our children started being born with usb ports and a bluetooth chip. This change can easily be viewed as postive or negative. On the one hand we are effectively becomign more in touch with the outside world and we are using our minds to and extent that they have never been used before. But could this overhaul of activity be detrimental to us? Is it really a better world because we can now carry terabytes of information around with us? Personally I think that new technologies have turned our lives into a race. We don't have time for silence or to "stop and smell the roses" because we are always craming information into our minds and searching for more tasks to complete at once. I find this "race" unsettling because... what is at the end? The only end that I can think of to the race of life is.... death. Is that what we are hurrying towards? How do you feel about the iGeneration?
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