Catholic Prejudice?

@Rozie37 (15499)
March 7, 2007 9:32pm CST
The other day I was counseling someone who was thinking about divorcing her husband of four-teen years and marrying someone else. She is Catholic, but her husband is not. One of the excuses she used for wanting to break up with him is that he has seizures and she says it is very burdensome for her. She says that the Catholic church advised her not to marry him because of his handicap. I have never heard of any such thing and neither has my Catholic friends. I wanted to know whether or not this is true? She also said that the Catholic church will allow you to divorce and remarry once. However, according to my Bible, it states that a person who marries someone who is divored commits adultery. The person can only be reconciled to their mate or remarry when the spouse passes away. Can someone please enlighten me on this subject?
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@idrob2006 (317)
• Indonesia
8 Mar 07
I like this topic, since I just took a class for this case. Basically, according to Catholic's canons (rules) a Priest should warn her before she took a vow in church if her husband to be has illness. It is true that Catholic church does not recommend two people getting married if one of them has serious illness or unable to perform sexually. It stated in their canon, however I can not remember what the canon number. However, if a Catholic church already performed a ceremony for her, and she already married for 14 years, Catholic church would not agree to divorce her. Because they already warned her in the first place, and at that time, I assume, she just went for it. Therefore, she can only remarry after her husband passed away. In Catholic, we do not recoqnise divorce. But there is married cancellation. To have that, you have to have one of these following situations: 1. One of the partner does not tell the truth regarding their sickness 2. Unable to perform sexually 3. Already married before in Catholic way I hope it helps
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@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
9 Mar 07
Although, I am not one to judge any religion, this is very sad to hear. I guess that they would be afraid that the serious illness would pass on to the children. But, I must say, that eliminates a lot of people and I just don't see it as being fair.
@NordCat (124)
• United States
8 Mar 07
First of all the Catholic church is in no position to tell anybody how to live ( except telling priests and clergy not to molest any children) Secondly, if she doesn't have the back bone to stand by her husband in sickness and health she should never got married. Bible is not a manual for life. She should deal with her moral issues.