Nothing surprise, about killing dogs in asia.

March 7, 2007 11:25pm CST
Somebody post a discussion about people killing dogs with rabies and was doubtful of rabies in China. I am from China,and I could tell you that people in China do kill dogs, and they eat them,But not pet dogs.There are some people who feeding big dogs and selling them just like pigs,cheekens,sheeps. But it is nothing to surprise about that.That is just because of different cultures between west and east. In China people are surprise that western people eat pigs,sheeps,cows,but no dogs.
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@MsTickle (25136)
• Australia
8 Mar 07
We eat deer and kangaroo and I think emu too. I think there is a market for aligator or crocodile as well. The Australian aborigines eat echidnas, (anteaters) and goannas (big lizards) practically anything that moves. Snakes, snails, witchety grubs. Out here in the bush some people pick up fresh road kill and take it home for dog food. Sorry if these facts offend's the way things are. I've heard some Asian countries eat rats.?
• China
8 Mar 07
I have heard it too. Human being eat anything in the earth.