What do you do when you get frustated

are you frustated - angry
March 8, 2007 12:16am CST
Do you start drinking,smoking or do you remove your frustation on somebody else?Give me your suggestion on this topic.
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@apsara60 (6611)
• Israel
8 Mar 07
I usually get frustrated when I know I made a silly mistake and made fool of myself in public or when I am trying hard to do something, but nothing comes out. No I don't drink or smoke, I get angry on people around me just for nothing, they can see irritation of my face and they know, this is the time to keep quite as they know I will overcome my frustation soon and smile again. Why should one start smoking or drinking and bring hazards to good health. If one cannot control, he/she must either take a long walk or sleep for a while. Frustration is not a problem which cannot be overcome.
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• Philippines
8 Mar 07
For the most part, venting one's frustrations is subconscious and irrational. But getting angry and venting at the dogs or walls is just normal and direct. I guess we drive up the wall when frustrations accumulate one after the other, and anger triggered such to explode.
@anup12 (4178)
• India
8 Mar 07
Sometimes yes I get angry and shed the nager on somebody else.But most of the times I just concentrate on something else.