Do you like the beauty of flowers?

March 8, 2007 1:37am CST
I like flowers very much especially for their beautiful colours and nice smell.What about you?
5 responses
@tsolman (47)
• Canada
10 Mar 07
I love flowers. Enough so that I went into business with my mom as a florist. We were great florists just not great business people (had to put in under at 5 yrs) I miss the beauty and the smells. I miss the creativity that the shop allowed me to have everyday. Sigh!
• Mauritius
21 Mar 07
Thanks for your response.Nice to hear that you were a florist.
@Ravian (51)
• Pakistan
11 Mar 07
I like flower not only because of their smell and colour. but i think flowers teach us a lesson in our life, that for everything we need hard work because at the stem of every rose there are many thorns and every flower is not for eternity it will eventually loose its petal and grow again in the next season it does not quit trying no matter what happen
• United States
11 Mar 07
I love flowers. I cannot wait until spring comes so I can plant all different kinds. I also love plants and have tons of them in my house.
@senses (840)
• Philippines
11 Mar 07 yeah, definitely, we just can't resist them take a look at some of my favorite flowers!
• India
11 Mar 07
I love to look at flowers but I don't really love the smell of flowers.And I also don't like receiving flowers as gifts because after a few days they wilt and sometimes get spoilt and give an awkward smell.I don't like to throw them too,so I don't like receiving flowers at all.I just love looking at them and admiring them