Pleas help me, my dad needs to stop smoking or else...

March 8, 2007 2:24am CST
I really need suggestions on this. My dad had a mild heart attack years ago. The doctor advised him to stop smoking or else he'll have another heart attack. Now he can't really do long walks because he suffers from cramps. He is now 62 years old but I want him to live longer because he's the best dad a daughter could ask for. He's smoking is the only thing I don't like in him. The doctor said that the cramps are caused by blocked arteries and this is because of his smoking. Our whole family already did almost everything we could to stop him from smoking but he won't listen. What should I do? Please help.
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@arnboy (357)
• India
13 Mar 07
The reason why a person smokes is stress. So, i think you have to identify the reasons why your father is so stressed out. Maybe there are some problems which he does not share with you. So, i think you should assure him of your support, love and also try to relieve his stress by taking interest in his personal life. If possible you can aid him in decision making process, spend more time with him. However, if this harmful habit is not broken then it really is very bad for the heart. So, you should show great determination in helping him get out of this habit. Best of luck!
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• Australia
15 Mar 07
Well...well..welll..maybe try your father say that if you don't stop smoking...we will probably throw you out! lol! I think the best way is to just let him understand that you and your family love him soo much and you guys! wanted him to live longer for your sake. Tell him do it for his grand kids sake. Love himself more because they love you more.
@sebab315 (108)
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
hi domesticengineer. same concern as yours but no heart problems yet.. i guess we really can't do something about it unless our dads make the decision to quit. i suspect he is willing but it's probably the withdrawal syndrome he can't take. i've read somewhere that quitting doesnt have to be that drastic. gradual withdrawal may be the only best option for now. set a maximum number of sticks a day.. decreasing the number gradually until he achieves the goal. then celebrate it. :-) goodluck to both of us.