Are You A Candid Person???

March 8, 2007 3:44am CST
When it comes to personality, i cant pretend who i really am!I always express myself when i am inlove, sad, angry and discomfort. When somebody talk to me and i dont like the way they are, i never waste my time. When i have a friend and then, i cant handle her/his personality, then expect that i will truly let you know it! So, yes, i am such a candid person. How about you???
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• Philippines
9 Mar 07
Same with you, I hardly hide what I feel deep inside. There's no good for me hiding or pretending am alright though I'm really not. Anyhow, if I feel something not really good and I know it could somehow hurt the person I should be talking with, then I would try to say it to him in the subtlest way possible as I don't want to sound so rude. I mean, you can just be frank in a nice way.
@sutan74 (1112)
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
It depends on the person I am dealing with... sometimes being blunt has its disadvantages too. If its a lifelong friend it's ok with me to blurt out my thoughts and feelings, but if I just met that person and I don't like them that much I usually stay away or find some reason not to talk or deal with them. Different personalities in people are natural and their are times being discreet of what we feel can be advantageous too. So I guess I'm not a candid person lol.