Who should get the job?????

March 8, 2007 3:54am CST
Recently some compnies visited my college (I m in an engineering college) for campus recrutement.All of them had different selection procedures. Everyone of them had different criteria,so in order to get placed you ought to full fill those selection criterias first.Some of them had their own cutoff percentages for sec. and sen sec. classes. Now this is where problem arrived. Many of brilliant technically strong student's(which obviously does not include me) were forced to exempt the entrence test. And for those which were considered eligible for it, most of them lagged practicle knowledge (almot nil in tech. skills). Is it worth to allow those ediotic cramers and kick out the skilled worthies from these campus recrutements???? Ain't it injustice with those really skilled Enggineers?????
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@padu19 (1441)
• India
21 Mar 07
well this happens even in the arts college where campus interview are held.. usually they judge you by your technical marks. they give questions regarding the subjects concerned with their field job. so if you are truly good in the suject you can surely get through this part. but your personal interview will be the challenging part. you can tackle this only if you show your worthy projects concerned with thier job kind. don't loose your hope, cheer up!!! :)
@nairdaleo (104)
• Mexico
9 Mar 07
Well, not really. What you call "skilled engineers" will be recommended by the school, and even though they won't be placed in advance through recruitment, they'll be able to get a job much easier because the school will recommend them. That's how it is in Mexico only that... they don't do recruitment haha, they just recommend the skilled ones, which is far worst for all the others. Also remember that the grades don't make the best engineer. Think of one of the brightest minds of the last millenium, Isaac Newton, he graduated in the middle of his class. He wasn't the best, he wasn't the worst. He was just ok. That doesn't mean that the ones with the highest grades will definitely not be the best. It's just that in the laboral field there's a lot more than raw knowledge and/or experience.