Love: A game of chance

March 8, 2007 4:12am CST
Love comes, love goes. Heart break, heart forget, and heart forgive..... So many of us, are not lucky in the name of Love. We sometimes need to gamble, to hope, and urge to wait for the right time; that our crushes or the one that our heart beat will be ours for a lifetime.. We are not certain, if the relationship we have now can last eternally...but one thing is for sure, to preserved the good relationship is to have trust, faith, understanding, humiliation, love and knows how to forget and forgive those we commited mistakes... Love is not a chewing gum that if its not sweet at all u can just throw it away... Remember chewing gum is sticky!!!!!!!! if u will be in a relationship dont think that a person is like a chewing gum..instead think that he is ur angel......................everytime u go she/he is always at ur side....
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