Choosing your BEST character.

March 8, 2007 5:38am CST
Tekken has so many characters to choose from. Every fighting style has made its way to the said console. So how would you know your character? First, Know the fighting style. 2nd, test the character on a actual game. If you feel uncomfortable or losing with your pick then choose another but if not then proceed by practicing it and knowing all of its possible killer combos. Once you have don it then you have the perfect killing machine in your hands. LIKE ME! i use Jin Kazama!!!
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• Philippines
28 Apr 07
I agree with your recommendation, though I think it's just a matter of practicing it, if you try a certain character once, you'd definitely feel uncomfortable using it. Hmm...I prefer XiaoYu. She's fast and has really versatile moves in spite of her hits being a bit weak.
• India
10 Sep 07
Well, one thing is for sure if u takr this game seriously practice hard for a few dayz, i can bet u can play with any cahracter! But Paul, nd Heihachi are my favourites!
@radon1284 (140)
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
i like lei ilike his move.
@ravenz (423)
• India
7 Jan 08
dragunov is the best great power n combos love his power punch
• Philippines
10 Feb 08
i like lili.the best fighting style i've ever seen.she's very flexible in her moves like when an enemy is crouching,lying down on the floor,she has an appropriate move for every enemy position.and she's very easy and light to control.i can even create my very own combo of she's a total babe(kawaii).i love you lili!keep it up...
• Indonesia
13 Feb 08
true we can play a character as good as any other ones as long we practice enough, but there are those which I can't forget after so long. I haven't played any Tekken for months but once I touch the controller I think I can still recall most Lei, Hwoarang, and Eddy combos, but on the other hand I've lost touch on Asuka, Nina, Jin and Paul.
25 Aug 08
For me, i just knew my character by heart and by eyes XD I love Zafina. And from the first moment i saw the trailer since she was featured in a lot of scenes inside it...i just fell in love with her character. she's very unique and her origins is from a country whose culture that had always fascinate me; India. And the martial arts she's practising is very interesting.