Technology! Is it making us Lazy?

@BlackBay (584)
March 8, 2007 8:13am CST
As technology advances and gives us things to make our lives, jobs go easier do you think they are making us lazier as a society? How many jobs have been lost because of automation, a machine can do it faster, better, more cost efficient? Is advanced technology putting us out of work, does it make your life run smoother?
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@ghopit (154)
• Indonesia
8 Mar 07
there is two sides about the effect of technology. one is make human life easier. but in other way can make human live suffered. we must think both of it. every choice has a risk to take. just be ready of the risk....
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@bigtummy (51)
• Singapore
8 Mar 07
technology is created by Human and if automation could overtake our job, then human has to think of how to automate better. No matter what, a machine is still a machine, it requires human input. So in fact machine and technology are making us smarter
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• Philippines
8 Mar 07
Yes i can say that technolog is a threat to people. If we make technology as a center of our lives, few years later we will be suffering already in all the consequences in using new technology.
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