mission impossible..impossible mission???

March 8, 2007 8:59am CST
think of how we can make money for a living? is online or home based job enough to compensate our needs? what do you think?lets look at it 1 by 1,stipulated below are the typical expenses: 1.DSL connection 2.electric consumption 3.rental of appartment(if renting) 4.++++ basic needs ++++ (foods,etc.) what do you think?actually, im raising this topic bec we often see in their ads "can support your family, lifestyle, blah blah blah...guaranteed income of 2000$ day or week???? duhhhhh!!!!! is that really possible for a "NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED" ads???ooopppssss! forgot to say...39$-99$ ONE TIME REGISTRATION FEE! do you guys believe them??would you believe that a "NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED" will earn 200+ an hour? at least here at mylot, this is free, realistic bec look at rate (low thou!!)hehehehe).you cant earn 200+ a day here! and thats is something believable!
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