Time factor

@mic123 (204)
March 8, 2007 9:31am CST
Do you all have time to finish what you have set for the day to complete?Is time a major factor in your life?
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@byfaithonly (10715)
• United States
8 Mar 07
LOL - I never have enough time to do everything on my list. Am wondering if this is partly my own fault though - less time on myLot and more time doing other things may help.
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• United States
8 Mar 07
I am guilty of the myLot diversion technigue, lol. It has become one of my most used lately.
@mdarma (868)
• Singapore
9 Mar 07
To me timing is very important.. Yes, to complete a work or task we need to do it in time. Can you imagine, what will the effect be to other who has or need to move on from that result. Further, I always make sure that I am early for my appointment, I am usually early by 5 to 15 minutes. I feel it is rude and impolite to make the other party to wait you. This is one sore point between my wife and me..
• United States
8 Mar 07
Is there such a thing as having enough time? LOL It seems like I am always behind. I try really hard, and put forth effort, but I just seem to get more and more behind. I wish we could add a few extra hours per day. I know that there are times though, when I am guilty of wasting precious time that I could be doing other things on my list, but everyone needs a break. Right?