"Cost-effective Offline Promotion to gain Referrals"

United States
March 8, 2007 9:35am CST
Prepare a simple webpage from your own domain name, where you can hide the long referral URL of your mylot account. Select one of your favorite topics you started or other member's discussion then add: "?ref=username"[username is your mylot username] at the end of the selected discussion. Hide the final URL using hyperlink on your webpage. Next, on a bond paper write four different eye catching ads on each quarter of the paper make sure you include your webpage URL on the bottom of each ad... Make photocopy and cut, then start to hand them all to everyday people you meet everywhere... Below are samples of what I have been using personally for about a week now: 1.Make each day count 2.Spread the word of wisdom for the success of this for the success of this Campaign to World Peace. Campaign to World Peace. www.mysiraylon.com/dove www.mysiraylon.com/dove 3.Let us join hands 4.Check out the round to support this campaign o'clock feedback on this for World Peace. campaign to world peace. www.mysiraylon.com/dove www.mysiraylon.com/dove Feel free to adopt this same approach and let us discuss any feedback or results you will generate...
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