did anyone watch prestige & what did you think of it?

@islaneni (129)
Armed Forces Pacific
March 8, 2007 10:00am CST
i really like this movie...it gave a twist to it & in the end it was such a turn that you mind was going a mile just remember what happen & watch it reveal in your mind.
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@crlynjn (27)
• United States
27 Mar 07
I watched it, it was awesome. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman were great-I love movies in which I am not quite sure who to cheer for. And the twist at the was great. Best movie I have seen yet this year.
@islaneni (129)
• Armed Forces Pacific
28 Mar 07
Yes it was awesome. Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman are great. I love watching movies with them. Totally agree on the movies, when you are not quite sure who to cheer for. The twist at the end got me. But it was great. It all was revealed at the end. Made everything about the movie clear. Best movie so far this year. Thanks for your comment.
@jcaaar (13)
• United States
16 Sep 10
prestige is one of the finest movies made by hollywood to date. the story, the twists, the acting and the overall setup for top notch!! christopher nolan never dissapoints.. his direction in memento, prestige, batman series, and now inception is mind blowing. he is true genius when it comes to film making.
@macobex (108)
• Philippines
6 Nov 07
since i'm a magic enthusiast, i really find this movie very very interesting. it has a very good twist that keeps the interest of the viewer. the tricks are excellent and very well presented. The story is undeniably good, a real masterpiece. the thing i really love about this is the ENDING. the ending is really shocking. all in all, the movie is great. worth watching!