What gives you inspiration?

@pearl23 (243)
United States
March 8, 2007 11:05am CST
Inspiration comes in many forms. It may be the sound of the city traffic busily driving, on the city streets. The sound of Children's laughter, while playing outside. The sunrise of a new day, or the sunset, at the end of a day. The church bell ringing everyday at noon, also on Sundays morning. How about food can you be inspired by food. A large chocolate sundae whip cream and nuts, with a cherry, just try adding marshmallow cream. Sound inspiring for people? Taking walks could be inspiring? What inspires you? Does an inspiring posted at mylot make you to feel compelled to respond?
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@weemam (13377)
12 Mar 07
sometimes yes I see a discussion and I MUST respond , In life when something touches my heart as they say I have to write a peom about it , I can only write poems about what I feel, but somedays I go through My Lot and I hardly find anything I really want to respond to lol I have gone on a bit xx