r u feeling home sick???????

March 8, 2007 11:52pm CST
All people r invited in this discussion who r living away from their home and missing their family.
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@00fear (3220)
• United States
9 Mar 07
well this is im a bit late. i was in this situation like this before. you see, like i said, my friend and i and have a band. we have a so call, manager who pays us for this (not a lot but its okay and worth it). when we were old enough but before 18, he had a talk with our dad about us (my band) to go touring places for a little bit but not the whole summer and how we were able to make money. $2,908,977,90. (ha, i wish). my friends dad had a talk with my dad and then they both agreed. when it was time for our dads to tell if the agreed, our dads said it was okay. i was nervous singing in front of the crowds though. but we were away like about almost a month, and we didnt know we would miss our family from being this far away from them. we didnt do go anymore because of my mom. she kinda didnt feel conferable with this and she like had to kinda live with it either way. when we came home, she came running hugging me. and because i liked it, i said to her, what, im just getting the rest of my stuff and im out, just as a joke. she said ha, yea right i pull you back in. when i went to visit my grandma, my cousin said that my mom was feeling depress because i was gone (im the one she hangs out with, a lot). she said that my mom was crying because i wasnt there with her and how she misses me. my mom was counting off the days of when im coming back home and kept on telling my cousin, just 15 more days, just 11 more days, tomorrow he is coming. so we didnt have no more tours anymore and we are okay with it. we made pretty good money though. our boss and the parents of my friends and mines are pretty good friends, so our boss understood what my moms problems is, so he said we wouldnt go, just for her to at least let me tour on weekends. leave a saturday morning come back that same night or if not, sometimes, come the next night (sunday) and she agreed). hope you understood this.
• Australia
9 Mar 07
Yes but not too homesick, when I want to see them just start my computer. and I'm just near them hear them see them having fun,talk to them almost every day and cost me lots of money too..very expensive to be homesick