Hy guys!

Mylot-The best forum! - I had founded here, on mylot, a lot of friends, I can earn some money, is great!
@yonu15 (807)
March 9, 2007 1:30am CST
We all know that mylot doesn`t pay so much like before!Well, do you guys know how to improve my earnings? I try to make quality posts...But I don`t think that is enough!Do you have some tips? Write here please!
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@xeron0719 (812)
• Hong Kong
9 Mar 07
I am partly agree with you. I do agree that mylot is not giving as much as before in the discussion part, you can try to upload more photos in your interest! I am sure that you can earn more than starting or responding to discussion for the same length of time. In others words, it is more effective for earning money in mylot by uploading photos to your interest. What do others think?
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@yonu15 (807)
• Romania
9 Mar 07
myLot ticket! - mylot is the best forum...I love it!
If I upload images on my interests I don`t earn anything!Only if I upload images when I start a discussion, or I respond to a discussion!
• India
10 Mar 07
hello dear.. i am here to help u out at mylot....let me give u some very important tips regarding ur earnings at mylot. u have to follow these four steps and u will definetly earn 4 to 5 dollars a day.. so just have a look at this-- 1)i think making large no. of refrals should be first aim ..of every person who wants to earn a lot of money at mylot..i can show u with small calculation.. for example u have 100 refrals.. then even if all of them contribute only 5 cents. then also u earn 5 dollars a day. without any work out.. 2)answer to around 80-100 disussion daily..tell u its very simple u can very easyly participate in a discusssion taking one min..there fore in 2hrs ucan do well ..for answering 100 discussion u willl get 2 $, since each discussion cost 2 cents.ur responce should be of 4 lines for achieving 2 cent per dicussion. 3)start atleast 15- 20 discussions daily..it will pay more since responding to a disscussion started by u will give 3 cent per responce..ther fore u get around 1.5 dollars by starting dicussions daily. 4)last but not least u should upload as many images as u can ..since mylot pays for uploading images in discussion..not in ur profiles.. therefore u end up with these calculation if u follow above steps.. 5 + 2+ 1.5+ 1.5=10 $ hence ten dollars a day is not bad and not very difficult over here..with ur efforts ucan earn evern more.. so all the best.. bbye