i failed...

March 9, 2007 6:46am CST
i failed... there's one thing ive been waiting in the life. then i failes its hard to explain. but for you guys to know i applied in qatar airways to be a cabin crew i passed the 1st screening then the assesment, the exam then the final interview. then all of the sudden they emailed me just today that i cant continue to process my application its because they have this so called highly qualified it hurts me so much but i realized that i have to move on. its just part of life. on the other hand i still have some pending application in a call center ill just try my best to pass and just move on. thats what god wants for me not to go to qatar maybe there's some place for me. i dont know what will make me feel fine and i need to feel comfortable right now. all i want is to think about what god has still instore for me since im still young and i dont need to rush things yet. theres more room for my future opportunity
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• Australia
3 May 07
You lucky you didnt got the job. Qatar Airways has a very poor management & they treat cabin crews like trash.
• Singapore
9 Mar 07
Young lady, do not be disheartened. Where there is a will, there is a way...I must say that its their loss for not having you to come on board to join Qatar Airway's Cabin Crew. Although, i must say Cabin Crews are one hell of a dream job that anyone as young as you would dream of, there are other opportunity opened. There is always other airlines employing for Cabin Crews and i believe that one day and if you keep trying, you'll be accepted one day. That airline will be lucky to have you onboard their aircraft as a flight attendant. Good Luck in your endeavours.