President Bush and Economic Disparity

United States
March 9, 2007 8:43am CST
Learning that many hispanic people only earn around $2.00 per day did he finally learn how the disparity between the rich and the poor exists? The poor in latin America would certainly struggle to come into the United States to earn a months wages in a day as compared to the life of living for nothing in their own country. What is the way to fix this problem? How does the cost of living effect your life and does making more money mean that you are better off than a person that only earns $2.00 per day? What is financial freedom?
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@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
5 Apr 07
There are alot of american companies that have moved south of the border since NAFTA was inacted. The wages for these once high paying jobs have severly dropped but the products that are produced havent went down at all in cost. It is nothing more than corporate greed to grab a fast buck off of anyone and anywhere that they can. Now I see the same companies moving to china where the wages are even lower and they have even less workers rights and can polute the environment even more freely than Mexico. I am not sure that anything will ever get done to change this. That may be a pessimistic view but not much has been accomplished so far and the government officials are so corrupt that the people who try to stand up for basic rights are beat down if not outright murdered in these countries. The only real thing that will ever make a change is for the general populus that buy these products stop buying them. I dont think that will ever happen.
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• United States
6 Apr 07
Wow! Nice to meet you Evan, You are so right about your assesment of how people that stand up for human rights get beat down. It will only change when we start to work together as a community to enact moral social codes where ethical people are encouraged to do the right thing. The high cost of products and the low wages that many people earn is dependant on the perspective that you compare items, wages versus cost and profit margin, after all how important is money anyway after all we are just placing a value on a little piece of metal or paper. My thoughts, time and words are worth more than all the metal in the world. Thanks for stopping by.
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